School doodlebook 2013 jan-june Picture

The last school doodles from the last school months=failed ponies, animals, warrior cats and other stupidities. These are'nt so bad like at the beginning,hm? These are the most colourful pages, 'cause summer was in the air, and I was happier, I think(or I just realized, how can I draw with coloured pencils?). I continued to practice the drawing with pens and gel pens. I drew a lot of my own characters, and my twinsister's new characters.
And there is a full page with my school experiences. I just wanted to drew those in the last day in the school, when me and my twinsister were sitting in a room, we listened Billy Talent, and I don't know why, I was a little bit sad.
Sorry for my bad english!

My fursona, Knife the jackal, Sarah the deer, Max the goat, Floyd the horse and the unnamed red horse belongs to me
Tici, Woodoo, David, and Charlotte belongs to
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