Beyblade: Typheus Bitbeast Concept Picture

A quick Bitbeast design for ~GinGin-Schrei, who I recently designed a bunch of bitbeasts for. Now, I just gotta finish drawing them up.

This is Typheus, who is based on Typheous, the father of the Greek Chthonic monsters, and god of storms. He's also based on the Anze of Teutonic mythology, a hybrid of Griffin and Dragon which usually breathes fire. This bitbeast was designed to form a trio with Zeo and Gordo, so Typheous was a good choice, as he is the father of Cerberus and Orthorus by Echidna in mythology. He is a dual type, of Eletric and Wind, making him the ideal storm god.
His scales are blue, as a reference to the sky, and the grey down is a reference to storm clouds (I tried to make them look cloudy). His mask has lightning motifs, and his front gauntlets have golden chain, which once restrained his front legs; sadly, though, not even the chain of the gods could hold him, and the beast is now free.


Name: Typheus
Type: Eletric/Wind
Technique:Golden Lightning (A reference to the lightning bolts forged from holy gold for Zeus, allowing him to become the new god of the sky.)
Attack Description: Five lightning bolt-shaped shockwaves, charged with sparks and electricity are fire at the opponent in quick succession, getting larger with each hit.


Beyblade: Aoki Takao & Hasbro
Typheus: ~GinGin-Schrei
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