Monster High OC- Sibyl Tria-Kefali Picture

So i've been watching Monster High lately with my sister, and i gotta say, it's incredibly clever with all the monsters~ it got me inspired to create my own, so here she is~ in bio form, at least.
Her name is Sibyl Tria-Kefali, one of the three daughters of Cerberus, and the youngest. She's named after Sibyl of Cumae, one of the only people known to trick the Cerberus. Tria-Kefali, as mentioned, means Three Head in Greek.

Sibyl has two older sisters. Canissa and Puppelle (temporary names, i couldn't think of anything!) who are talented in the drama and arts, while Sibyl, though also talented in those categories, prefers both sports and the quieter arts, like weaving (oddly). I have a couple references from Greek mythology in the bio as well~ Like the honey cakes, which were what Sibyl of Cumae used to put the Cerberus to sleep. She's good friends with the other mythology children at Monster High as well.

I've made a picture of her too! but i drew it on paper,so I gotta scan it. but i'll try to get it up soon! for now, post what you think of her in the comments!
Blank bio is here ---> [link]
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