Salabris sketch Picture

This beast of legend came right out of a nightmare.

as you know in mythology the cerberus was a three headed dog who gaurded what their master sent them to deal with but this bad dog takes hellhound to a whole new level.

Salabris is a horror, his favorite meal is little children, he loves to hear them scream and they dont put up much of a fight his second is the souls of man and the hearts of women.

why is he like this? Salabris used to be and ordinary dog but when devil worshipping teens abducted him and used him as a sacrifice it back fired.

a demon named Salabris posessed the dog and transformed him into a monster.

He devoured the Teens and set fourth to wipe out mankind and bring fourth the apocolypse.

his powers are turning into shadow, transversing walls, walking through walls and a piercing howl that bursts eardums.

he has a snake-like tail that coils and whips and an extending jaw big enough to fit an 8 year old child in.

only one thing is known to calm him.... and that is effection, but no one is brave enough to show the beast love.
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