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Alternate title: Yes, I Really Do Make Art

So. While my gallery is not exactly empty (96 deviations, counting scraps), it is very skewed. Contrary to what the evidence (41 deviations) would have you believe, I don't take pictures all that often -- usually as much because I forgot my camera as because I haven't reason to produce photos. Furthermore, I do not frequently pick up pen or pencil and apply to paper in any other way beyond the taking of notes and the making of lists, despite 26 deviations that would say otherwise. Even the eight poetry and prose deviations and the nine crafty ones are a bit of an exaggeration, as I no longer write with any regularity and crafts are usually saved for specific projects or extreme boredom.

This, then, is a sampling of what I do produce reasonably often -- pixel art. Make no mistake, I don't do anything fancy with it. Most of what I do, particularly nowadays, is for the sake of, and in the service of, other folks in the old-style cyberpet world. I've included some old pieces here as well, however, just to add some variety.


At the top, in green: The latest batch of Dayons, a little wyvern-based species adopted out by Jewel (~littlesapphire) at Garden Terrace. They do not always have legs, arms, and ears, but this particular batch was themed -- based off of eight specific mythological canines. If you know who they are, kudos! If not, ask. The first three were a simple matter of coloring -- the traits used were made by Jewel along with the base. The fourth required small ears, simple enough. For the fifth, the fur on the tail was a trait I drew up for Jewel a while back -- only the belly fur pixeled in fresh. For the last three, all alterations of the base outline (seen in the first one) were made by me, and all but Cerberus' spade tail done specifically for the batch. (In case anyone wondered, yes, I am a staff member at GT. ^_^)

At the top, in blue: a dreamcatcher made as an in-character gift, from one of my Flions (another adoption by Jewel) to her mate. There are three feathers (one small one in the center of the web), and various beads of pink, blue, and purple. The bead colors are a tribute to the Flions' colors: Zafra is pink and blue, Kite purple and blue.
Adapted for cross-stitching by ~kyotiutsukushii! [link]

In the middle, in grey: Three Nyx, a coyote-like canine adopted out by Nyaro (~Orayn) at Moonden. I had no part in the outline -- I merely color them. The first two demonstrate my preference for using single pixels and detail work, but as the third Nyx shows, I can work in blocks and larger shapes when needed. ^_^' Staff member at Moonden too.

In the middle, in green: Three Ko Foxes, also adopted out by Nyaro at Moonden. The outline is again all her work, though I have contributed a few mutations (not shown). Not all Ko Foxes have differently colored eyes -- the three I grabbed just happened to. The first is another case of detailed pixel work, and the second of larger blocks of color. The third is one of the "special" Ko Foxes, made for Moonden's Valenday 2008 games. He has a can of pink paint behind him, a pile of rocks in front of him with sloppy pink hearts painted on, pink pawprints on the ground, dripping pink hearts painted on his fur, and a slingshot braced between two messy, pink paws. Yep -- he chucks love-rocks at people. Sweet little thing. ~.^

In the middle, in blue: A set of wall plaques designed for use as prizes at Moonden, and possibly Garden Terrace in the future. Not much to note here, save for the fact that every letter I use on the plaques, including the larger letters used for the names of the winners, is hand-pixeled -- including basic antialiasing. No real reason save that I'm crazy, I suppose. Wood pattern based off of a texture image in GIMP, because I had no real wood on hand to look at instead. ^_^'

At the bottom left, in grey: Pixel dolls. The base is not mine; it came from some make-a-doll website ages and ages ago that I never managed to find again. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know so I can give credit. ^_^' I did some editing on the first one at the time I made it -- the pants, the shirt decoration, and possibly some other little tweaks I don't remember. Mostly it's here, though, to show what I started from when I made the second doll. The only reference used during the entire process was the dress shown -- it's based off my prom dress (junior year, when I got dragged to prom by friends; the dress was made by my mom). I actually have a file showing some of the steps along the way, if somehow anyone is particularly interested. ~.^

At the bottom, in blue: An origami crane, of course. ^_^ Not much to say here -- I fold cranes fairly well, so I made my own reference (and promptly forgot to use it for parts of the outline and for shading, making some spots look a little strange. Ah well.) It was pixeled as a donation to Jewel's trick-or-treating adventure set up this Halloween; I also made a few tiny pieces of candy (we're talking single-digit heights and widths on the files here), a hanging bat, and a random marble. ~.^

At the bottom, in purple: Pretty much exactly what it looks like -- a blue can of paint with a red ribbon tied on. Intended as an ornament for the dA Christmas tree project the first year I joined dA, but I'm honestly not sure if I ever got around to submitting it. So yeah, that's pretty much all I remember about it. ^_^'

At the bottom, in green: A face! This was one of the very few pixel projects -- art projects at all, really -- that I have ever started with the main intention of practice and/or improvement. (I mean that in all seriousness. I am not bothered by my lack of skill and hardly ever attempt to get better, which is why by matters of sheer principle I do not consider myself an artist. ^_^' ) Anywho, I used a picture of one of my dorm-mates for reference, and somehow managed to take ten years off of his life in the process. ~.^ Never finished it, obviously -- pretty much just lost interest.

At the bottom, in grey: The first, third, and fifth (final, as yet) steps of an off-and-on attempt to pixel a tiger. In greyscale, for some reason. Second and fourth steps not shown because I lost the second somewhere along the line and the fourth looks a lot like the third unless you zoom in. It was started in 2006 and last worked on a year ago. Interesting note: Proportions of the face ought to be pretty close to right on. When I first started this, I found a front-view picture of a tiger's face (url lost over time, or I'd give credit) and counted the pixels for things like width/height of nose, distance between eyes, distance from eyes to nose, etc. I then put them in ratios with the height of the face and calculated the appropriate dimensions for the pixel piece. I'm a math freak, I know. XD


Anywho, there's a taste of what art medium I dabble in most. ^_^ All cyberpets are included with permission from their original artists. With the exception of creature base outlines/shading as credited, all work shown is mine. ^_^

Also, no running off with the critters and pieces. If you really, really like the crane and the paint can, credit me where you put it and fine, whatever. The rest of it is off-limits, thanks. Of course, if you like something you see, you can either join the cyberpet communities linked or send me a note about a request/commission. I do my best work (and work most cheerfully) when I have guidelines or a reference to follow, so if you like my work, then asking me to make something for you will hopefully result in both of us being happy. ^_^
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