Zing's Black Tourney Meme Picture

Lol so yeah I FINALLY get around to doing the meme for my own tournament. Wow....just wow XD;


#1- Judge Zing, rocking shit up.

#2- Anubis the mightyena! He's from my Sapphire game. I like the way this one came out.

#3- Soldier the swellow, a team mate of Anubis's and a cool contest pokemon. She's got a red scarf around her head like a blindfold, cause that's mega cool

#4-OLLIEEEEEEEE >W< oh come on, everyone knows how much I love Oliver~

#5- Dottie was arguably one of the scariest BT participants.
Her murkrow hates men, and since Zing looks like a guy...well, it wouldn't be pretty. Poor Anubis doesn't look like he can save her at the moment either.

#6- Instead of drawing one of the other 3 posessed judges, I drew one of the kidnapped ones, because ffffff
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