Grey Shujaa Reference Picture

EDIT: I changed her hairstyle on the side view.

Full name: Grey Shujaa (formerly Shade Nyeusi)
Nickname(s): “Grey-haired”
Gender: Female
Species: Super Crystallian
Birth: 67 million years ago
Age: 15
Sexuality: Hetero
Relationship Status: No boyfriends
Currently lives: Mlinzi Clan (a.k.a. Canadian Shield)
Job: Great Warrior
Alignment: Hero
Religious belief: Crystallian Mythology
Height: 101 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Gray
Weapon: Spear, bow and arrow, “crystallite”
Avant-Garde, Friendly, Individualistic, Ingenious, Revolutionary, Unobtrusive, Creative, Humanitarian, Scattered, Detached, Contradictory, Stubborn, Chaotic, Unreasonable, Unpredictable, Self-Conscious.
She was born 67 million years ago as Shade Nyeusi, the daughter of the Dark Queen Roselia Nyeusi. She was meant to be the Future Dark Queen and the successor of Cerberus, the Super Crystallian who betrayed Roselia in favor of taking over the entire world. Roselia gave her the powers of the Super Crystallians as a baby but gave her weaknesses as well to not repeat the same mistake of creating Cerberus. Although her older sister Poppy felt that if Shade was to remain with Roselia, she will cause the same damage as Cerberus. So she took Shade as a baby to the Kiwango Clan of Jasiri in order to keep her safe from Roselia’s grasps. When Roselia realized where her baby was, she sent her army to the Kiwango Clan in order to look for Shade; unfortunately, they couldn’t find her. Hours after the invasion, a brave warrior from the Mlinzi Clan named Jade Shujaa found Shade in an underground tunnel of the Kiwango Clan, and decided to raise her as his own daughter. He named her Grey Shujaa, thinking that the baby was an orphan. Eight years later, Grey had a very close relationship to Jade, loving him as her father. Jade taught Grey all the importance of being a warrior in order to be his successor as the Great Warrior. However, at one point, the Kikatili warriors invaded the Mlinzi Clan, and the warriors of the Mlinzi Clan defended their people, including Jade, with his reason being to defend Grey. Sadly, Jade died during the invasion, leaving Grey to feel extremely depressed to lose her caring father. She decided to work as a lone wolf outside of her clan, and vowed to never return in the Mlinzi Clan. 7 years had passed since Jade’s death; Grey was then a powerful teenager, hunting dinosaurs in order to feed herself and build weapons and clothing from their skeletons and skins. One day, though, she met a blind stranger named Shadow Fumbo, who told Grey that he knew everything about her. He also told her the danger that could come to her from Roselia. Hours after Shadow left her, she was kidnapped by Roselia’s army, in which she was taken to Roselia’s temple. The Dark Queen revealed that she was Grey’s true mother, and that Jade was only Grey’s adoptive father. When Grey was being sentenced to death, she was thankfully saved by Poppy, who took her away from Roselia’s clan. After she was away from the clan, she decided to go and stop Roselia from enslaving her people and take over the Jasiri Country.


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