Bestial: Dark Ladies Picture

My fascination with bestiaries is not new, but recently I've started drawing creatures with the illustrations of the medieval bestiaries in mind. There are a lot of gorgeous pictures here, and more lovely pictures as well as a ton of background info here.

And here are the Dark Ladies of Doom. This batch of three (Wendigo, Cerberus, Dark Ladies) are all creatures to do with death.

These ladies are from a fairytale book I don't own, or I'd look up what region they were from it turns out they are from Iceland!). As far as I remember the story goes: they're heralds from Satan, come to foretell the end of the world in ice. The sun will die and everything will freeze over and die. Hence all the icicles.

This design is based on a costume ~Winged-Vayla and I did a while ago. We didn't have the banner but we were still pretty awesome. So, this one's for
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