Smash OC 2-Orpheus Picture

The picture they were based from would tell you best what their attitude is. In this case, Alice Human Sacrifice Rin.

Hair color:brown
Eye color:brown
>Orpheus is the child of Pit and Red. He seems adept in fighting, although that's not true.
>He got his name from one reason only: He calmed down Cerberus with only a Poke-flute. In Greek Mythology, a mortal named Orpheus went to the gates of Hell and since Cerberus lets only the dead enter, the man played his harp and lulled the three-headed dog to sleep.
>He has amazing music ability that can rival Apollo's and Asclepius (one is god of music, the other is his child who was killed by Zeus)
>Grew up together with Aria until founded by Indie.
>Is incredibly stubborn. Also a prankster.
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