Cerberus_WIP Picture

I decided to finish that sketch I had of him, kind of a bitch though with all that armor so flat colored for now until I get the balls to go in and do all the highlights and shadows... I'm thinking about redesigning him from about the hips down, cause that if that part that is most annoying... It got really sketchy down there cause i was zoomed out to far.. These scroll bars are placed in inconvient places lol XP
I do like the robe like cloth in the back though I has blue flowers on it o.o, it's such an oxymoron for him, maybe that's why I love it so much. It way to gental of a design, I think it kind evens out all thoes spikes of doom though lol

I do love my mythology... And asshole characters, and well he definatly takes the cake in the asshole department.

Cerberus copyright: Noblae
Sketchbook Pro used
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