Morana-Caleb Picture

This is another character from my first unnamed story, she's the cerberus. ^^ She has a thing for Jian's kid, Kask'teer.
Sorry it's so washed out, my scanner h8s me.
(c) to me and thankyou to

(notes about Morana-Caleb from V.A. who created her)
she goes by the name caleb (which means dog), but was born to a clan of
cerberus by the name Morana (which is the name of something in some mythology relating to death. her family lost her and she was raised by a young hermit-ish lady named Parisa. Eventually her family found her, killed Parisa, and she ran away from them. She's vowed to take revenge on them, and will NEVER go by Morana, instead she likes the name Parisa gave her, Caleb.
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