C.E.L.U. MEMBER: Thanatos Picture

I really like drawing his hair. He's got the poofy skater look going on. ^^


NAME: Thanatos
MEANING: God of Death
REAL NAME: Fikri van Vechten
AGE: 25
DOB: April 13
HEIGHT: 6'0"
RACE: Human
ORIGIN: Amsterdam, Netherlands
RELATIVES: Parents deceased, Uncle
PERSONALITY: Easy going, responsible and mature, smart, and funny at times
LIKES: Friends, puzzles, waterfalls, pizza, and lemonade
DISLIKES: Demons with possessive abilities, spicy foods, arrogant people, and small spaces
ABILITIES: Strategic skills, scythe blade for weapon choice, and knowledge of Greek mythology and demonology
TEAM: Cerberus (Vice Captain)
BIO: Thanatos lived with his Uncle in Amsterdam until they moved to England. He lived right around the corner from Selene and Helios and grew up with them practically. When their parents died, his uncle gladly accepted the twins into his house until demons attacked and burned down the town. From then on he helped the three of them survive as homeless children with nowhere to go. He felt as though he had to be the responsible one since he was 4 years older than the twins.

When they were found and taken to C.E.L.U., he was given the name Thanatos for not only had he cheated death from demon attacks while he was homeless, but his mature acts around the twins and himself showed guardianship. He's very smart for his young age and love puzzles, giving him the job of planning battle and escape strategies for his team.

He is very protective of Selene, even more so after her brother was possessed and disappeared. He feels a horrible dark guilt from that time in his past and feels as though he should be the one to make things right. He's laid back at times, but gets a little overboard with Erebus whenever he sees him hitting on Selene. He may consider Helios like a brother to him, but he's always treated Selene with a warm and loving kindness that he'd hope one day she'd return to him. Of course, he's to shy to tell her his real feelings for her outright.
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