Why is a Wonderful Question Picture

But people tend not to use it.

I have a bit of an issue:
Cerberus is becoming a seductive, provocative character.
But she also seems to have multiple personality disorder because I CAN'T SEEM TO DECIDE WHAT SHE SHOULD BE LIKE. *headdesk*

Also, her original horns cannot be drawn from a frontal view DX freaking impractical initial sketches trying to make the world more difficult than it has to be dammit.
So I just drew her with wacky weird ones for this semi-realism piece. Her hair is also shorter (but that's mostly due to laziness).

I just spent the last hour trying to draw roses with only pen because a totally amazing artist in some of my classes challenged me to it (I gave her the highlighter+sharpie challenge in return). But I really suck at flowers, especially roses. I think I might have finally drawn one that doesn't look like a pile of Sh** with petals, so yay!

My teachers think I didn't do my band homework WHEN I FREAKING DID so I'll probably have to do it all over again for 1/2 credit EVEN THOUGH I TURNED IT IN ON TIME GOD DAMN IT. Only good things recently are that we are learning about animals in Japanese and for the first time we are doing creative writing assignments in English. Oh, and BADMINTON IN GYM LIKE A BOSS; so I've added an additional 2.5 hours to my 9 hour a week badminton regimen. WHEEEEEEEW!

They see me rollin'...

I feel like my characters are less of story-only characters, and more of little bits of me that don't really have any borders or limits. They don't have to be rigid, and I can express multiple emotions through them. They're all tiny representations of my thoughts and personality. See if you can guess how Logan, Celia, Cerberus, Elijah, the Celestial Bodies, Horus, and Nameless represent me. (just a lil' test of y'all's actual knowledge of mah charries)
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