Eriton meets Clayton Picture

My half of the art trade with ~Babclayman

He asked me to draw Clayton with large Eriton. so I did and this is what i came up with.
Eriton is the daughter of Erica and Clayton from a test lab plus the ancient DNA from the mythological beast "Cerberus".

She is also a hell girl to run the lost souls to get into heck as well as stopping demons from escaping but, because of Clayton and Erica's worldly personalities. they have a humanity and so can return to Earth, mostly without the outfit but, still most of the powers but not jacked up underworldy.
Claytons outfit is London gangland scene or smart casual while, Eriton's outfit is based on warrior from Prince of Persia.

With much editing, it looks very clean work.

Eriton *WhippetWild
Clayton ~Babclayman
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