Yamato Lord sketch Picture

Uhm. This started out as some silly talking between my friends and I. It first started out because of Cerberus--three headed doggy.

So! It took on a new light. I've always adored Hades in Greek mythology (especially Persephone/Hades) and so the two actually work well with each other. Yamato from Digimon and Hades. <3 Yamato DOES have a giant canine. Bwuahhaa!

Yeah, bad sketch... I'll keep editing and changing bits until it's good enough for me to ink. The three heads gave me trouble, especially the one on the far right. Silly wolfy. I wanted to give each one a weird look--the left the angry one, the middle the 'boss/dependable' and the right the silly one. ... I'm talking about our right/left. Also--Yamato's holding the staff that Hades is supposed to have~ Mm-hm. Birdie!

.. yup.
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