Cancerbero Picture

This is a draft I made for school, that then bacame a non-draft. Is painted with watercolor pencils.

Original story:
This is Cerberus, (or in Spanish the Can Cerbero) the Hell's gates guardian. The legend says it has 3 heads and an alive snake by tail. The heads represent each one a facet of time, past, present and future.

My version:
The three heads divide in dogs from different mythologies of the world.

Amarok: from the Inuit mithology. Is an enormus wolf that hunts the lone hunters when they go out to hunt.

Fenrir: from the northern, Scandinavian or Viking mythology. Is the son of Loki, the legend says this wolf will eat Midgard's king, Odin, during the Ragnarok, better known as the Apocalypse.

Argos: from the Greek mythology. Is one of the more than 40 hound dogs of Acteon. Artemisa was once taking a bath in the woods, when Acteon accidentaly saw her, what made Artemisa go mad at him and turned him into a deer, which his dogs killed. Other version say she turned him because he said he was better hunter than her.

What I mean:
As Cerberus represents the time, I meant...

Amarok: represents the past and the primitive beast, the wildness, the need to survive that leads, between other good and bad stuff, to the pride.

Fenrir: is the present and the pride, inherited from the past and wildness, it means that humanity doesn't stop being so selfish, which already put the world on it's way to the Ragnarok.

Argos: is the future and the extreme anarchy, this is inherited by the present and the pride, if we keep fighting with our brothers and sisters, we'll end up eating each other.

PD: everything wrote above, like pride, anarchy and wildness, has it's good side, but this is the Hell's dog and it shows the bad side of everything.

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