Orfeus and Eurydike Picture

A schoolwork from last winter. The job was to illustrate the story of Orfeus and Eurydike (I know the names have alternative spellings in English, this is how I know them) from Greek mythology in a comic form.

(For those who don't know, Orfeus had lost the love of his life, Eurydike and goes to the Underworld to get her soul back to bring her back to life. His beautiful singing voice charms Hades to let her go, but he is told not to look back untill they reach the world of the living again. Of course, in the end Orfeus can't resist just quickly peeking in the last moment to check if she really is following him, and poof she goes.)

I've been cursing not being able to scan this, untill I yesterday realised that, hey, I CAN scan this, I have the brand new A3-size scanner now. And here we go. Yay!

I had originally planned to span this on three or four pages, untill I read the assignment again which said the job was to be done on two A3-size pages, not any longer, so the page layout doesn't look exactly how I wanted, but it was still awesomely fun to do. It was quite freeing to splash with inks (I ended up painting part of my floor too. Cleaning THAT up wasn't equally fun, though.)

Oh, and for those of you who are Finnish impaired, the readable texts go:

Mene = Go!
Mutta älä katso = But don't look
Älä katso = Don't look

There are also some hidden text that is pretty much unreadable, you probably can't even see it, but in the shadows of the first panel there is "Älä tule" ("Don't come") and in the mane of the Cerberus there stands "Trifaux" which is Latin meaning along the lines of 'something with three mouths'. I can't see them myself, so I assume that you don't either.

Done with Pentel Brush Pen, Indian ink and a tiny bit of white gouashe for the dead stuff, and random fineliners with Copic Markers on Orfeus. On two A3 papers that I'm now able to scan. Wohoo!

I like my vulture Hades.
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