Tompson Dante's Inferno Picture

Bro: Tompson AKA:Cerberus is the boss of the 3rd circle: Gluttony.
And he has to be the most lovable character in the parody.
He is falling apart, and his fur is matted alot of the time. and his teeth fall out and are replaced often. 'When the Twins came around, Cerberus was eating a half eaten corpse. When he saw Colin and Eve he kept his head down, stood up and growled. Colin being the little monkey that he is treated Cerberus like a puppy and picked up a skull and teased him with it.
Cerberus, being a dog, wagged his tail and chased it after it when Colin threw it. After fighting with its self for the skull, he brought it back to Colin like a puppy. He then shrank down into a smaller form that was about 1/20 of his original size. In which the boy picked him up and said
"I shall name him Tompson and he shall be mine and he shall be my Tompson"
Tompson talks but not words he goes "ohrowoowowowowowowowrrroo" and he often fights with Colin about everything. Eve often picks Tompson up and holds him to her breasts. at which all of his eyes go
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