A Smile Just For You III Picture

I repainted Lee today and I adore his face. I'm really proud of it. I'm really please with how I'm improving. I just need to practice painting eyebrows and lip lines. I'll work on it eventually.

Sometimes I get questions about his eyes and lips so here are the answers:

The dark lines are NOT tattoos or anything they're like birthmarks. It's got to do with his character story and it will come up in photostories. I can't give away too much. If you know Norse Mythology and details about Loki you may understand.

His eyes have to do with the darker side of him. He isn't human, though at first he thinks he does. They play a vital role in his magic. Again, can't say too much but it's important.

Lee - BW Elf Yder/Fdoll Girl to Boy mod body

Faceup - Me
Wig - miffimiffster on DOA
Sweater - Me
Eyes - Soom
Body Mods - ~cats10

Full Photoshoot on DOA: [link]

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