Liquid Air Picture

The badass that is Orthrus. woo!
In mythology Orthrus is the tamed bother of Cerberus... but Orthrus only has 2 heads cause he's cool like that. And yes I draw them both with ice cause if you've ever read the divine comedy the part of hell that cerberus guards is covered in ice.... fun times.

Anywho I heart this drawing i feel like i can draw again. woo! I got this idea last night when i just started righting crap cause i was bored and wasn't tired... and what i ended up writing i think i'm going to try to turn in to a song for vincent's band.. but i'll post it later and link to it from here and what not.
after I drew this I realized he has hair like this guy i used to work with and it makes me giggle.

Medium: Ink, Chalk Pastels, and Colored Pencil

Copyright: Noblae
Strych9 Studios

p.s. long finger nails are fun!
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