Rebel Cerberus-chan Picture

JUST DON'T LOOK AT THE ONE ON THE TOP LEFT. T___T I KNOW IT IS BADLY DRAWN. LEAVE ME ALONE. *doesn't take criticism too well at times*

Say hi to Cerberus. You know.. the three headed dog. From Greek mythology. Except I drew it in my own style and not following all the things according to legend. ie. In some stories, Cerberus is said to have 100 heads, 50 in others, but most agree on three. For laziness sake, I did three. Some stories say it has a serpent as a tail (I included that but bet you couldn't tell that's what it was) and also snakes as a mane (couldn't be bothered with that). Ohh and one of Cerberus' heads is meant to be a lion in one of the myths. But I like the idea of it having heads of the same kind of creature. Yeah.

Used a ref but dunno if I can find it again. Saw the funky collars with the spikes and used that in my pic too (coz I'm awfully unoriginal). But then, I decided to add like, a scar down it's side.. and some of the ears have earrings. The top one's earrings are hoop ones and it also has hoops over it's eyebrow thing, the middle one's are studs (but I don't think they scanned well - I drew them lightly) and there's no way you can see the bottom one's earrings coz I could barely see them even just drawing them. Anyway they're dangly ones. ^^
Ah and I added that bandage too. ._. The pic was just a doodle during Classical Studies but I finished it at home here and... somehow it turned a little gangster. I don't even like gangster. (but then, most of the world doesn't like that which it does not understand, yes yes?)


Cerberus belongs to the Greeks?

By the way... I may colour this. AND DON'T WORRY I'LL FIX UP THE MESSED-UP TOP HEAD! But only if I can be bothered.
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