Gluttony Picture

First time doing a traditional picture in months.

This was my final project for my Dante's Inferno Honor's Class in College. I chose to work alone and since my professor was extremely flexible on the project medium I decided to draw a picture over doing a power point or writing a paper.

There are a lot of references I included in this that directly relate to the Third Circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno. Cerberus is depicted as being a massive, ferocious three headed dog guardian with dragon jaws, hands with razor talons, matted fur, red glowing eyes, and as the punisher of the gluttons. In the third circle the gluttons wallow in their own filth in the extreme cold and snow as Cerberus forever rips them apart and consumes them. Virgil and Dante are in the lower left corner marveling at him before moving on.

concept (c) Dante Alighieri (LOL)
Art is mine
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