Orthrus Picture

Oh my gawd, anothere MSN chara of mine? Yeah, haven't made new ones for a while anyway. Urh.
And, more importantly, HE'S MY FIRST SEME MSN RPG CHARA SINCE RAUM..! Neato.

Yeah, so, it's Orthrus. Like I sometimes do, I just snatched a mythology character and mutilated them into my own design. Orhtrus is a two-headed dog [yes, dog, even if his colors make him look wolf-like], brother of Kerberos, and was the guardian of a herd of red oxen, owned by the Titan Geryon. Orthrus was happily fulfilling his duties, like usual, when suddenly a suspicious young man, Deimos, "attacked" one of the oxen, named Vermeil. Ortu tried to defend Vermi, of course, but got demon-napped himself, and then the two found themselves from Deimos's basement... Mr. Deimos captured them to use them to fight his enemies, apparently.
Orthrus is usually pretty much le strong silent type. He's most comfortable in his beast form and doesn't always remember how to act in his human form, often still acting very dog-like. He's extremely loyal to his master, and lives for his duties. Otherwise, he's mainly pretty much emotionally challenged.

About his clothes... I know, they're BORING... But hey, the guy really only feels comfortable in his two-headed doggy form, I doubt he'd be fashionable or wear anything else than comfortable clothes.
Orthrus beast doggie form is also very handsome.

Deimos is
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