Pseudo-Pyros Picture

Just a two headed false fire dragon. I drew this ages ago, but wasn't completely satisfied with it so I left it 'to finish off later when I felt more like it'. I then promptly forgot about it, that is until 2003 when I rediscovered it whilst trying to make space on my HD. I tried to finish it, but frankly I was still not feeling like it - even all that time later, so I uploaded it as it was, because I felt you, the viewer, might as well see it rather than me leaving it to gather virtual dust on my computer
I did intend it to look animalistic. Original mythology based dragons off of a mix of creatures, most popularly snake-like or reptillian, but there are also horse, goat, cat and dog (to mention a few) based dragons. Since I wanted this dragon to have two heads, I thought I'd make it dog like in the vein of Cerberus.

...gah, I talk too much in these comment spaces
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