Wan, Wan. +Cerberus+ Picture

Name: Cerberus (Ceb)
Gender: Female (Though often mistaken to be male)
Breed: Spirit Dog
Age: Appears to be 15 though is 99
Appearence: Black shaggy hair, white/silver eyes (Hidden behind messy bangs), ashy pale skin, 5'5", 110lbs

Backround: Once a guardian of the Spirit World's gates, Cerberus was replaced by machines and abandoned at the front step of the Spirit Bathhouse, where Yubaba brought her in as a chore-dog. She preffures to keep a human-like form though she cannot hide the two floppy ears and shaggy tail. Her hair often hides her eyes and she is clumsy due to that problem. Obediant and determined to prove her loyalty, Ceb is a good puppy for any bussiness owner. She was once good friends with Chihiro, a girl who was lost in their world, and a dragon-boy named Haku, who disapeared soon after Chihiro went home. On her free time, Ceb is either in the Pig Pens, Gardens, or in Kamajii's boiler room.
Likes: Train rides, water, chocolate dumplings, cookies, the soot-workers.
Dislikes: Fire, heights, cat spirits, being made fun of.

This is a new OC I've made for a Spirit Away/YYH crossover with
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