Garmr and Cerberus Picture

Just some doodles I did that I like a lot. The coloring isn't supposed to be very good. These also teach that I should never be put in charge of our youngest/younger generation.

In French we have a project. Write a children's book. I'm using the hell-dogs from various mythologies as my characters. Cerberus, Garm, Fenris, The Hound Of The Baskervilles...hehehehe... Though I don't think french children would be emotionally scarrred by it or anything (no offense french people but 'Le Legende de Saint Nicolas' is a little bit morbid for a story told to children) I'm a bit worried about what the reaction will be from my teacher ^__^; The story will be up page by page as I finish them.

Note: For those of you who don't know, Le Legende De Saint Nicolas (or 'The Legend of St. Nicolas) is a French story that I just recently learned in my french class. I like the song we had of it too. It was really creepy. Anyway the story goes as follows according to the abbreviated handout we got in class (sorry if I miss anything important, all you French people out there!):

"Once upon a time there were three little children who went out to harvest things from a field. They got lost and it became very late. They happened upon the house of a butcher.

'Mr . Butcher!' called the children, 'May we spend the night at your house?' The butcher let them in and no sooner had they entered the house then he killed them, chopped them into little pieces, and stuffed their remains in a pork salt bucket.

Seven years passed. Then St. Nicolas passed by the house.

'Mr. Butcher!' St. Nicolas called, 'May I stay the night at your house?'

'Of course, St. Nicolas!.' the butcher replied, letting St. Nicolas in, 'There is always room for you here. Would you like something to eat?'

'Of course.' replied St. Nicolas. The butcher offered him several things but St. Nicolas refused them all.

'I would like some of the pork which has been sitting for seven years in your salt bucket.' St. Nicolas said at last. Hearing this, the butcher knew that St. Nicolas knew what happened. The butcher fled.

'Come back, Butcher!' cried St. Nicolas, 'Come back! Repent! God will forgive you!' Sighing he went back and sat on the edge of the pork salt bucket.

'Awaken little children sleeping here!' he said, extending three fingers. And the three children got up.

'I had a nice sleep!' said the first child.

'Me too!' said the second child.

'I almost thought we were in paradise!' said the third child."

It rhymed in French...
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