Bioweapon: Cerberus Picture

"I don't have much time, so I'll explain as best I can. My fellow scientists and I work for the Loma bioweapon research center, we have been researching in bioweapons that are strong enough to fight the Morlocks and Kiruchi threat. We tried manipulating the DNA of Morlocks, but to no avail. However, we were successful with the Kiruchi. We've been able to make them more powerful and intelligent then the average Kiruchi. And to make sure they're on a tight leash we embedded chips in their neck that keeps them under our control. But that's where things went wrong. Somehow the technology either failed or someone turned them off, who in their right mind would do that? I don't know. But almost instantly the Kiruchi spit out the chips and have gone wild. They've escaped their cages.... we've lock down the entire building.... hundreds of people... people I know.... getting slaughtered... blood everywhere....I believe even a few experiments have escaped to the outside world, pray they don't mate with the other Kiruchi, we never tested out to see if it's possible, but we never made them where they can not. Beware of these beasts, they are more powerful and intelligent than you can imagine, they also take different forms depending on the experiment. We named each one based off a Mythological beast that they resemble, example: the three headed Kiruchi is called Bioweapon Cerberus. I pray you learn from our mistakes and are able to stop these monsters. Lord forgive us for playing God, what were we thinking?......" (End of journal entry)
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