Influence Map Picture

This looked like fun, so here's a little explanation, from left to right, just in case anyone cares...

1) Books in general. Half of the stuff I draw is scenes from books. I love a book that creates such a vivid image in my head, i just have to try and draw it.

2) The Harry Potter series. I do so much HP fanart it's quite scary.

3) The Pokemon anime. The first anime I ever saw, I loved how the style of animation was just so different from western cartoons. And I still love drawing Jigglypuff, the adorable little blob. ^^

4) Alfonse Mucha. He's a Czech artist, and did some beautiful art nouveau paintings.

5) This little blue guy is a 'Zonk'. I found some adorable comics that my dad drew when he was a kid called 'The Zonkian Chronicles' and they inspired me to start doing comics of my own when I was little.

6) My friend Beth. Quite apart from being an all-round awesome person, she has the most gorgeous red hair that I'm always trying to draw.

7) Music. I always listen to music when I draw, and it's amazing how different a picture will turn out depending on what I listen to.

8) Deviantart. Cliche I know, but here's always something to inspire here when I'm out of ideas.
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