Apprehensive Encounters Picture

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Aight, I'm back, with my first-ever-proper-deviation (the draft of this pic being in scraps). And, first, my schpiel in which I give credit where credit is due:

The characters above are naga, a mythological creature recently popularized on deviantart by snapesnogger (among other deviant), and in their most basic definition, they are half-snake half-human creatures. I got the idea for these three characters after reading some of snapesnogger's descriptions of her pictures and storylines involving her naga characters, so I'm giving her a lot of credit for this in that I would never have thought of a naga as anything I could draw, and I modeled these charcters in the style that she draws normally (albeit I butchered it a bit). These three nagas are not related to snapesnogger's story Red Venom in any way shape or form, and do not interact with her characters. These three live in a very different world, with their own story to tell...

Look to the draft to find out pronunciation of the names.

This story is set in a fantasy world...which is yet-to-be-named...that is inhabited by humans and mythological creatures alike, such as, but not limited to:naga, mermaids, centaurs, kitsune, sprites, faeries, etc. The geography is still a bit shady, but certain creatures are more common in certain areas, and tend to live in villages comprised of their own kind. However, there are many cities and such, where businesses and markets thrive, where all creatures and species mingle, albeit with some tension between races. But more about that in later deviations.

The three above are siblings, members of a naga tribe on the edge of the desert, closer to the tropics than anything else. Their mother was from one of the outer tribes of desert naga, a very tanned naga with light hair, and their father was from the village where they were raised, being a tad paler, but darker-haired and scaled. Leik, the eldest, a boy, is 12 in this pic; Sare, the girl with green, is 9; and Flynt, the smallest, is 3. Their village has recently been decimated by a group ruled by an unknown force, comprised of many races, and they were the sole three to survive.
Leik escaped into the trees with his sisters, and they ran for some days, until the group caught up with them. Leik lost vision in his left eye (note scar) during the skirmish, and was about to be captured, when a pair of centaur intervened and dispatched of the attacking group. After staying with the centaurs for a bit, they were brought to the city to find work and shelter at an inn, run by (I'm not gonna spoil it for you now, wait for pics).
This shot is basically of them meeting their new boss for the first time, not knowing her temperment or what would be expected of them. Leik continues to shelter his sisters, despite being just as unsure as they are.

I promise not to write this much ever again, it's just that I wanted to make sure that there was a solid backing for my characters, the story is still in progress, but it'll be fun, mainly light-hearted gags, with some emotion and turmoil thrown into the mix!!

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