Zodiac Creatures Picture

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Soooo.... after seeing this... yep, just had to draw some of my OCs depending on their sign.

I was going to do Rain as the Quetzalcoatl... but reading about it made me change my idea, so it's Collos in her place.

Other than that, I'm amazed about Mark as a Dragon and Moro as a Damphyr, since *Luckster suggested me to make Mark a dragon for the MLP crossover of the boys... and Moro has been a vampire for a Halloween RP x'D
I was thought I was going to have trouble with Rivos and Rivoc as Golems, but I actually enjoy how they come out.
And ugh, don't tell me my skills at drawing centaurs suck... I know that already =w=;;; Love them, but I just can't draw them.

AND BECKER!! He's lookin' so badarse as a Gryphon! 8'D
I want to make it his inner animal or some way he can shift into it!

And I just realized that all of the Brose siblings are all in this x'D

Might color this in, if I feel like it

Dalsten Silveré, Boaz Maucise, Mark Eplise, Volo and Ebain Solaro, Autiz Becker, Rivoc and Rivos Maugye, Abon, Collos and Diana Brose, Moro Biondi and Suhas Rajani © to ~BlueWolfie17
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