Zebra-Satyr Picture

We read through Sophocles's "Antigone" last month, and I remembered the little fling I had with Greek mythology. So I set out to draw a satyr chick, right? Cause those are all Greekish. But her legs came out too long and I didn't have any goat references, so I just gave her horse legs and was gonna call her a two-legged centaur. But then I thought it'd be awesome to give her stripes, so.... *ducks head* I give you the world's first, last, and only zebra/satyr hybrid. A.... zebratyr. Satyrbra?

No name the Zebratyr is © me. Doodled over winter break. That lovely comment in the upper left hand corner was made by my classmate Felicia, who did not ask me before writing on the paper with my drawing. But such is life.
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