"Rufus and Me" Picture

Pen-and-ink on paper, with color and clean-up in Photoshop. This is the illustration for the winning short story in FenCon's short story contest this year, "Rufus and Me" by Rick Helmich. The story is only a few pages long but creates a rich mythology of an alternate history and the War of Conglomerate Succession in the 1880s. It's a world of clockwork AI's controlling robotic battle dogs, "war horses" that sound suspiciously like tanks, military airships, and multiple semi-human races including centaurs, Egyptian snakemen, and the main character, a member of a race designed by Leonardo DaVinci to maintain his inventions.

This illustration appeared with the story in FenConVIII/DeepSouthCon49's souvenir magazine.

Pen and ink on paper, with digital manipulation in Photoshop.
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