2009 Art Summary Picture

Not much on the digital side, is there? Heh. I started and finished the year in ink and pencil.

So, um, yeah. This is a few samples of my art over the year 2009. Duh.


January, June, October and December aren't mine. January is the vampire Alejandro (who belongs to the excellent ~diazmafe).

June has two characters of not-mine origin. Daniel (cut off to the left) is *Gregor-Lives's, and Lu (centre) is ~Qlockwork's robot.

October and December all belong to the epic ~AriadneArca. In order from left to right is Rowan, Ethan and Hannah. They're all awesome.

Marcel, Derek and me (seen in that order) (C) Me. Except the centaur, who I think is (C) Greek Mythology.
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