Queen Trinitania Picture

Another concept sketch for Titania. Let me give you a little explanation of what she is supposed to be:
The land of Domhan is patterned after a somewhat Celtic influence mixed in with a little Hebrew. Wierd amalgamation I know, but here's the deal, it is a Matriarchal society with an empress/queen mother figure who is mysterious, enigmatic, and some wonder if she is even human (which she is not, she is alien to Underworld, don't know what race but they are a centaurian species).
This queen will pose in the story as Ursus adoptive mother. I have not decided on a definite name yet, something like Titania, after the queen of the fairies from Midsummer night's dream, or combining that name with Trinity, Trinitania. Open to suggestions here, those of you with knowledge of Celtic, Nordic, or Hebrew Mythology. Her look, as I said, is somewhat centaurian, with similarities to the Tuatha de Danan Celtic goddess of war, Morrigan (I'm sure I'm butchering these names, by the way), black hair, facial and body markings, very war like. Think of Braveheart except much more feminine. Open to suggestions on the designs of the markings too, those with any knowledge.

Long story short, when Domhan is invaded by the Skulions in the story, this character is killed, but I plan to have her die in a spectacular fight sequence and she will most definitely take many of these monsters with her.
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