Slariss Picture

My classmates wigged me out over this guy. He was a pretty quick draw - you can see it, super sloppy quick sketch, I didn't even colour but just inked and inked and inked - he was done in 5 minutes or so. (He's an original monster from my RPG-ish original fic " Ellanieth." Name is, obviously, Slariss. Part serpent, part human, part eight-legged horse (Think Sleipnir from Norse mythology,) and part scorpion.)

And then I was like, "Eww, ugly!" because let's face it, he IS a rather ugly monster and besides, it's far from my usual style. But then all my classmates were going "Whoa, *wicked!*" and my face looked like this: O_o and I said "You're very scary..."

Okay, besides that pointless little, nothing to say. Ja!

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