Ooooh snap.... Picture

I've always loved greek mythologies, with the heros (those verywell known as much as those not so verywelll known), the creatures and stories, there's so many of them that you can't do without inspiring yourself by them.

So here's what I hope will be one of the main characters of my future comic,I hope to draw over the holidays. His name is Leve and he has big brother named Lenis, but his brother calls him Len and so will I
The scene:
*Leve comes back to the village limping and covered with injuries*
-Len: I've been looking every... *takes a good look at him* ....where and what have you been doing this time ?
- Leve: Oh...umm.... fishing (?).... yeh that's it !!!!Fishing!!!!
-Len: '-_- .And where are all your arrows?
-Leve: It...was a big fish (?)!!!! *grinns*
*they here a distant ROOOOAAAARRRRRRR*
-Leve: Oooh snap ....

Yeh, he's in trouble......again.
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