The Beast Base Picture

Here we have a rather unusual project, so hold on, this description is gonna be weird. The original concept behind this creature was that it was created (specially bred with magic or whatever) to serve as a base for creating a centaur-like creature. Isn't a horse just fine for a centaur though you ask? Well, proportionately, a horse is a rather large body to be supplied by a human torso (for things like breathing and general food needs, not to get into a debate about awkward body structure, hearts, lungs and stuff like that. Centaurs aren't exactly realistic in that reason at all) so why not have the lower-half creature be a bit smaller and custom made for that purpose. So, this guy was made, using anatomical reference from a pig, dog, horse and human. I'm sure you can probably pick out where certain bits of that influence lay, but I'll point out some things anyways.

The general body shape is truncated a bit and though stout like a pig, is more dog or horse-like. The feet are very pig-like, while the tail is a bit of a blend. The neck is very horse-like, though shorter, along with the general skull shape. Though, his face expresses a bit of noble intellect. I added the horn at the end just for fun, as it was not included in the original design or line art.

Drawn in Photoshop CS6 overtop a scanned image using a tablet. The background was originally very generic, since the figure was on a page with many other drawings. So, a bunch of stuff got added in, like that tree. The scale of it feels a bit off unfortunately, as the beast base looks oversized for his environment. Oh well. Made some of the grass based off a moth antennae.
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