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Well, here we are at deviantID #18, just in time to coincide with my first day of college (which will actually be this upcoming Thursday). Thought I'd theme this one on Dreyfus' element, Ice.

So, unless you are a watcher, you are probably looking at this because you aren't familiar with me. My name's Dreyfus (or for those of you who've read my literature, Vincent von Dreyfus is my full pen name). I decided to use "Dreyfus" as my internet name after watching my favorite Pink Panther movie, The Pink Panther Strikes Again; Former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus is my favorite character in that movie. Now, though, Dreyfus is almost entirely associated with my online representative, Dreyfus Vandolin III, a shapeshifting dragon of whom's "Dragon Partitial" (a form halfway between human and dragon) is pictured above.

Well, at almost 1:00 in the morning, it is rather difficult to sum myself up in a small blurb. Let's see how I manage.

My art designs are most primarily influenced by prehistoric animals, with various influences of hooved mammals, birds, fish, primates, and mythological animals. My style is my own, though I believe it is some sort of blend between Japanese, classic Disney, and realism.

Most of what I draw falls into one of two categories. Either it involves my "Fantasy Universe," a made-up multiverse with its own mythology and dimensions, or it involves particular characters in particular dimensions. A vista of a location on planet Russiac would fall into the former, and a picture of Dreyfus would fall in the latter.

My favorite things to draw are centaurs, merpeople, anthropomorphic animals, dinosaurs, hooved mammals, the gods in my mythology's pantheon, and Pokemon.

Most of what I write about--including my popular Dark Mind series--is Fan Fiction. My writing style is romanticized and introspective, a mixture of dark plots and nostalgic poetry. My current series, a spin-off to Dark Mind called the Shadow Apocalypse series, is a Zelda fan-fic; however, I've done many Rayman fan-fics in the past, and am on hiatus on a Pokemon fan-fic. The original literature is sparse, but have all received top marks in school.

I also write music and play the oboe, but that has little to do with deviantART.

My greatest dream is for my characters and worlds to come to life, whether through art, word, or song. My symbol, the mark of my Fantasy Universe's Life goddess, is included whenever I remember, a sort of tribute in the hopes that one day, my ideas may one day be experienced equally by all who learn them.

My greatest role models in life are my grandfather, Mister Rogers, Former President Carter, and Nelson Mandela.

If you'd like to know more about me, or just see all of what I've written in a far better way, feel free to have a look over my "About Me" page here: [link]

Here's a bit more about what's written on this devID.

Specifications: I am a Caucasian, male, Unitarian Universalist American, and a proud liberal Democrat. I love big government, think taxes are the best thing since buttered toast, and denounce capitalism as a great evil. I am a proud atheist. I am going into college with the plans of becoming a Biology professor.

Likes: The big ones here are animals and paleontology. I adore animals, especially birds and mammals, and especially their psychological aspects. My favorite type of animal ever are dinosaurs (including birds), and my favorite topic of discussion on the face of the earth is paleontology. I'm not afraid to freak out in joy about anything dinosaur-related. My favorite animal is the okapi.

Dislikes: The big ones here are religion and the military. I strongly dislike Christianity and Islam in particular, though I have great respect for Buddhism and Hinduism. I dislike Christianity for its close-mindedness, and I dislike Islam for its better-than-everybody-else mindedness. I can't stand the military, especially the United States military. Call me anti-American or whatever you want, but I don't support killing.

I think that covers everything... I might edit this in the morning if I forgot something.

A bigger version of the picture of Dreyfus is available to view and comment on here: [link]

Dreyfus Vandolin III (c) Me
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