Nameless Fox Mage Picture

This is a character i created for a story i wrote about half a page of and gave up on ^-^; He doesn't have a name for two reasons. One, he has amnesia. Two, i couldn't come up with one i liked for him, so i gave up >.>
Amnesia is overused, i know, but just because something is overused, doesn't make it bad! It just makes it entirely too common for people to look at and say "oooooh!"
But i don't need people to look at this and say "ooooh!" so nyah!
A very good friend drew this for me and allowed me to post it here so i could give it a direct link to Furcadia.

Hence, follows his description!!!

One black wing, feathered. One white wing, scaled. Thus denoting Draconic heritage, as well as avian heritage. His research indicates Magpie and Silver Dragon, respectively, also Kitsune, hence the multiple tails. His body is quite scarred, and all that good stuff, battle damage, you know how it is. He woke up for the first time in his new life clutching his staff for all he was worth, accidentally found out he could do magic while using it as a walking stick an he tripped an caught himself wth a windspell...well you know the rest. He carries a belt around that's covered in pouches. Each of these pouches, 12 in all, are sort of limited pocket universes. Very technical stuff you know>.>
He doesn't know his own age, he doesn't know his name (most people he knows call him The Mage. those who know me know where i got that from XD), he doesn't know anything about his past. Yes he's tried many spells and potions and hypnotism and all that good stuff to try and get his memory back, but to no avail, of course. This leads him to believe that someone erased his memory, possibly a more powerfull mage or some such, but considering how powerfull he's discovered himself to be, he thinks it more likely that he erased his OWN memory...ooooh!
so yeah. um...normally he's a Foxtaur, and if you don't know what that is, you need to educate yourself on greek mythology. think Centaur, then think Foxtaur...what does it sound like it is?
he's all furry human bits. just an anthro upper torso. and because of this pic, i decided to let him transform between 'taur and anthropomorphic forms.
Any questions? my AIM is on here. look it up. his handle is Nameless Foxtaur on Furdacia
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