Submission for Athenaeum Picture

My submission for The Athenaeum of War:

Name: Findildosia
Age: 15
Species: Centaur
Sponsor: Zeus
Origin: Chinese

Personality: Findidosia is a quiet smart girl, she can make a weak joke every once in a wile. She loves to train and fight though she won't fight for a reason, like if someone gets her mad, she still won't fight them, she thinks there is no reason what so ever. She loves to read also. she is a nice easy-going person who hates when people stare at her because she is part of an uncommon breed of Centaur.

Fighting, with reason
being nice
straight forward

to hard working
almost never has any time
a little to curious

History: She was born to a group of centaurs, but they are special, they have wings and are usually apart from the other centaurs. Her life When she was ten her brother had a fight with her and challenged her to a duel, he gave a scar across her eye, she won the duel but her brother ran into the woods and has not been seen since. She then got a tattoo of the Yin-Yang symbol she had loved it ever since. Unlike most of her kind she can manipulate fire and wind most of her clan can heal or use water magic. When she learned about Athenaeum from her friend, five years later, she sought it out right away. When Zeus found out about her and her going to this he demanded to be the sponsor because she was able to fly and he was currently upset with Hephestus. She hesitated because she did not want to be sponsored by Zeus because of an argument. Most hear that it was Poseidon who created centaurs, zeus tried to experiment with them and make his own type of centaur, her breed or clan. He was mad when she said no, so he made sure that none of the other gods wanted to take her in as sponsor so if she wanted to go the the Athenaeum she would have to accept his sponsor ship.

Fighting - Archery
Fighting - Swords and Daggers
Magic - Wind
Magic - Fire
Ritual and Temple Works
Mythology and History


Other facts:

One of her eyes is a teal blue the other is a light green

She always dresses in slightly girly clothes but is a tom boy at heart.

She always wears her sword that hangs under her wings, can be seen when she is flying or shaking her wings out.

She hates having to sleep standing up but when she's tired she will just start drifting off

She hates looking so much older than she is.

She likes dressing in her old customs, it lets her think of her brother.

She always wears her bracelets and her crown.

She is part of a royal family but really dislikes the attention from that if she gets any at all. When she gets none she is happy, she like to be at least a little normal.

She loves to paint over her scars like the scars on her arm, she painted and added patterns to them, and the scratch on her back.

Her sword is three feet tall, she is 6' 6".

She always wears a necklace that her brother gave her, it has a ruby pendent in the middle.

Goes by Fin or Findy for a nick name!
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