Danse's Avatar- Budhi Paillen Picture

This darling is my DDS OC Danse’s avatar, Budhi Paillen.
In Aryan mythology she is the fearsome goddess of forests and jungles who roams around in the form of a tiger.
Since her element is wind, I wanted to use lots of green Now for the fun stuff about her design.
Well, put simply, when I was thinking about what Budhi Paillen would look like, the tiger line was a great inspiration. I thought it would be awesome to do a kind of centaur idea. (Animal legs, human torso), except since DDS can get very risque, it allowed me to get a bit twisted
I wanted to do a tiger’s body and have the human torso mimic a head, which urned out pretty well, I think
During battle, the stingers unwrap and her arms can move freely. Her arms really don’t have much use other than to help Budhi Paillen eat and use items. The stingers well, sting, trap enemies, and are her main weapon. She uses them like a whip.

I’ll try to do a battle pose later

Done in 2.5 hours
Done with Sakura Pens, Sharpies, and colored pencils
Budhi Paillen, Danse © me
Digital Devil Saga © ATLUS

I’m gonna do my OCs berserk forms soon, not to mention Tremors avatar.
I spelled deity wrong again
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