Tengu (Legendz variety fan made by me) Picture

I got the idea to do this one after watching my brother play through Mega Man 8, with one of the bosses named Tengu man. While browsing the web I found out that Tengus came from Japanese mythology and it got me thinking about legendz. Many (if not all) legendz are based of mythical creatures from arounf the world, whether it be the Centaur from Greece, or the international Dragon myth. Heck you even have an Egyptian Sphinx. But as I looked back, correct me if I'm wrong, but legendz didn't seem to have many creatures based on Japanese mythology. It seemed kind of strange for a Japanese anime that features mythical creatures, not have a representative from their own country. So I decided to make a Tengu Legendz. Despite their bright red colors and fighter looking design, Tengus are actually of the wind attribute. To stay true with the myth, Tengus wear a red mask with a long nose and look very human, yet have the ability to fly. The pointed ears is an added legendz touch since every legendz that resembles a human sees to have that feature, don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the anime or read the manga. My Tengu will make his first appearance in Legendz Freedom Fighters where Jack must fight him to try to free him from a greedy rich man's control (don't have a name for him yet).
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