CaS: Turris Picture

This was my first character to create in Soul Calibur III: Turris, the Harrier.

Harriers are an alien race to the realm of Denhalla, a world which is alien in itself. Denhalla is pretty much a Medieval planet, where mythology and feudalism still exists. The capital is Nahlhurst. To the north are the frozen wastelands, where a ruling vampire clan known as the Al Kalir have taken residence. To the west of the capital, centaurs known as the Baurai have formed loose tribes nearby forests, where the assassin clan faes known as the Matin have been hiding in for eons. To the south are the ports.
The correct terminology is Harrier, as there is only one in Denhalla. Turris is the only Harrier on this planet. He has been raised with the nomadic Baurai, and as he was growing up, he had his first hostile encounters with the Kiburi and the Al Kalir. The Kiburi are a race of ogres who herd the centaurs as if they were cattle, and the Al Kalir seek domination of Nahlhurst.
His encounters with the Kiburi have not been pleasant, as the Baurai have been subjected to abuse for most of their existence. Turris also has bad blood with the Al Kalir as he was attacked and bitten by one as a child, fearing that the curse of vampirism has passed onto him. Turris fears using his powers, thinking that they will draw him closer to being a vampire such as the Al Kalir, when in reality, the powers were his to begin with...a trait all Harriers have at birth.
Originally, Turris was supposed to have dark hair, and in a ponytail, but I was rather disappointed with what they had here in SCIII, because the ponytail didn't have bangs in the front. The jimbaori was also not too accurate. I gave him Jin Kazama's hairstyle, just because I thought it looked cool. Turris is supposed to be blind in one eye, as it was damaged during childhood. I also gave him the Soul of Zasalamel as his discipline, because I always liked the scythe as a weapon.
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