MechaCorps- F180 Turtlebacks Picture

MechaCorps- F180 Turtleback Swarm Drones

The MechaCorps M109 Sentinels were a wondrously popular combat drone in both military and security theaters. However, there was a problem: the Sentinel was only designed to replace a single squad member, the machinegunner, and was fairly expensive, costing around three times what it would cost to train a real soldier. To compensate for this, the company began to produce 'discount soldiers', which were each around the equivalent of a soldier for slightly less cost, each having the computer brains near equivalent to average military academy students.

Only around 145-160,000 US dollars per unit(slightly less than a regular soldier), they could almost easily replace one single squad of regular army soldiers. Though they did tend to be somewhat fragile and make sometimes fatally flawed decisions, they were always inteneded to fight ALONGSIDE organic infantry rather than replace them, or even to distract enemy units from said infantry. If needed, they may take commands directly from English, Spanish, or French speakers. This is blamed for takign up the computer space where armor or more weapons could be.

Although they could be bought individually, MechaCorps insists that they are best bought in groups of six: One of each, save for two of one of the types.

F181 'Sargey'- ringleaders of the squads with upgraded mental capacity. They are equipped only with basic semi-automatic, short-burst lasers, but also manage communications, coordination, and tactics. Unit cost: 150,000 US Dollars

F182 'Maxim'- machinegunners. Best work in pairs. The most basic version of the Turtleback, the most purchased(in lieu of M109s), and the most heavily armored. Unit cost: 148,000 US Dollars

F183 'X-ray'- sappers and electronic warfare. They can see through walls up to 100 feet away and can use thermal scans to pinpoint engine blocks within enemy vehicles, then pointing them out to friendly units for priority targetting. They are often seen as luxuries and are rarely bought by themselves other than for artillery crews. They are able to defend themselves, but their lasers are weaker than the others. Unit Cost: 145,000 US Dollars

F184 'Boomhauer'- heavy weapons and close-quarters. They pack only a sonic weapon which is only effective up to 100 yds. The weapon can be focused into a 'sonic laser' for ranges matching the 'Sargey''s laser, but at that range it is only effective to the point equivalent to a .32 pistol round. Still, it finds its niche in close range combat, escpescially against vehicles. They work very well with the 'X-ray' Unit cost: 153,000 US Dollars

F185 'Centauro'- snipers. The last to be developed and the only ones without 360 degree views on their heads and to use conventional weapons. They are named for two reasons: the movement of their heads to their turrets makes them look like the Italian Centauro family of APCs, and the Centaurs of Greek mythology who were known for their accuracy of archery. They work well with 'X-rays' or as spotters for organic snipers. Unit coast: 150,000 US Dollars
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