Deepwood's Hart Reclining Picture

Yeah his legs are still a bit too short. Ah well. I'll fix it later

This is Deepwood's Hart again, the sage and ruler of the Deepwood. I still haven't really got a plot for him or whatever his story will be so far. I'm working on it.

This is the most human looking of the forms he usually takes. He can be anything from just a regular looking deer, to a deer with a human face, to a deer centaur type thing, to this, to completely human looking. But he only takes a few of those forms on a regular basis. This is the one I like him best in and it is the easiest one for me to draw.

The Deepwood is a really interesting place for me conceptually because I have the actual setting and characters made before there is any sort of plot or conflict. The Deepwood just sort of exists as a border to all the other places and stories I have. They are becoming more interwoven with each successive tale. The world is building itself through its own mythology and biology, which I find to be a very fun if roundabout way of writing and coming up with things

Maybe this will get a background eventually? Also he isn't really grey like that. He's normally a bit of a reddish brown color. I was just focusing more on getting his body to look better than I was on a good coloring job.

I guess its pretty boring for you guys though.
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