Feder der Wahrheit - Monochromatic Mech Picture

Warning: This description is going to be pretty lengthy, you might want a cup of tea while you're reading, haha!

Okay, so after far too many attempts at practicing Ostrich anatomy, I finally decided that I should go ahead and draw a finalised one to submit to the group in last minute fashion. I tried to experiment a little with how to use canvas textures and possible line blurring as you see. I initially was going to use the line blur on FdW as well, but it just looked like a complete mess and took the focus away from it, which ultimately defeats the point of this piece.

Anyway, you're not here to learn about my slapdash techniques, you want to finally understand why I chose to kill myself by drawing ostriches and the backstory behind how Nina got Feder der Wahrheit (and also what the hell that name is meant to mean).

Firstly I'm just going to talk about the ostrich thing. I thought that there might be something really cool to design if I looked into Egyptian mythology and what animal represented balance. After a bit of searching I found out that Maat, the goddess and personification of balance, truth and justice had an ostrich feather in her hair, which represented truth.

While trying to make the mech more balance oriented, I originally wanted to blend the image of Lady Justice and the ostrich together like a centaur, but I chose not to because the whole point of me doing this was that I would be breaking out of my comfort zone and not drawing women's bodies. So, I just stuck with the ostrich that you see today. I'll be sad and admit that I just google translated the name of the Mech to German, it should say 'Feather of Truth'.

Jesus Christ I could just write an essay based on the ideas I had.

So yeah, how did Nina get it? Well, as I put it bluntly in a scrappy comic, Nina technically always had the mech but she never realised it. It was only when she was fiddling with her choker and transformation device that she found out the two dots in the yin-yang symbol acted as buttons, which would summon the bird. Gustavo congratulated her on finding out the secret and challenged her to a battle, claiming the mech as a prize. He would let her have it anyway depending on the result, he just wanted some excitement.

I think I've covered everything now? I just want to lastly say the reason why I chose to give Nina the mech was because it simply felt sort of contrived to put LaTiah in one, what with her being a dancing martial arts fighter and such. With Nina, it just seemed more appropriate.

Okay. Huge description over, thank you for enduring it.

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TL;DR - I took this challenge way too seriously but I still had fun, haha!
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