My OCs - Cosplaying Hetalia Picture

Just my OCs cosplaying as Hetalia characters :3
My OCs and the characters they cosplay in order of appearance:
Gwyn - France
Kasai - Germany (no Nyo!Germany, since that won't be interesting to draw with Kasai)
Tharu - Canada
Jedediah - North Italy
Ghiaccio - America
Liway - Greece
Kivah - Japan
Some explanation: Gwyn is cosplaying France because he is French (no really), Kasai is cosplaying Germany because she has German blood (I decided that a while ago), Tharu is Canada because of his shy personality, Jedediah is Italy because he is part Italian (and part American), Ghiaccio is America because he is part American (and part Italian) (Jedediah and Ghiaccio are twins btw), Liway is Greece because he is a centaur which are creatures from Greek mythologies, and Kivah is Japan because he (probably) has Japanese blood and because of his personality.
I hope I wrote "Hetalordia" (a mix between Hetalia and Welordia) in the right way in Japanese
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