03-Pastoral Haven Picture

Yay! Fantasia! It occurred to me very early on in the movie that this was my fist time watching it. For some reason I had always assumed that I'd seen it before. But wow is it something. I was mesmerised through the whole thing. Especially the very very last bit with Ave Maria. Wow.

The only thing was, it was tough deciding on a base for a costume... Easier than heck to picture a character in these worlds, but not so easy to dress them up as something... I considered making him a season fairy, or a mushroom,or just giving him a green 'mickey cloak' and heavily considered making him a demon soul from 'Night on Bald Mountain'. But he wouldn't have screamed 'Fantasia', know what I mean? The characters in 'Pastoral Symphony' are distinct but in our day and age, the skeletons with black cloaks would not stand out as being anything special. That, and it just wouldn't look like Tserfix anymore. So both Kelly and I decided to go with the 'Pastoral Symphony' and pick something mythological from there.

Toyed with the idea of making him a greek god, and hung undecidedly on the centaur idea. But centaurs are everywhere, it seemed too easy and unoriginal. So we made adult versions of the satyrs.

Used the instrument again to give him something to hold, but also because the Satyrs (fauns?) all play little flutes and Fantasia is heavily music-based, so an instrument lends homage to that as well. Only this time he's got a Pandura.

I had a lot of fun with this. Kelly says it's a green overload but I think it looks magical.
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