Concept-chimeric hybrids Picture

If one is to understand "myths" as garbled accounts of true events, what are we to make of the various myths of hybrid beings, like centaurs, mermaids, nagas, griffins, etc.?
Were they the result of ancient genetic engineering, or is there a more prosaic and mundane explanation?
It doesn't really matter. My series is fiction, and as such I'm allowed to choose the more exciting explanation. The race in my series known as the Titans were skilled genetic engineers and created a number of hybrid beings for different purposes, mostly war related.

Here a a few examples of hybrid beings created by the Titans. From left to right:
Girtablilu- from Sumerian mythology. The girtablilu are fearsome scorpion people. As well as being trained in the uses of various weapons (guns, swords, etc.), they have a venomous sting at the end of their tail. Most "gods" would prefer never to encounter a girtablilu on the battlefield.
Naga- from Hindu mythology. The nagas are snake people. They can constrict their opponents in their coils and also swallow things much bigger than their head.
Merbeing- from mythologies worldwide. Merbeings are traditionally portrayed with the bottom half of a fish, but I have instead used more of a dolphin bottom half. Though occassionally used in warfare, they are generally utilised for more peaceful uses, involving underwater work. One of the most common hybrid races created, the merbeings survive to this day (though in far smaller numbers).

Technically, humans are also a hybrid race in my series, though created by the "gods" rather than the Titans.
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