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God of War is an action-oriented adventure game with a strong focus on fast-paced combat. Players take control of Kratos, a mystically powerful hero in the ancient Greece of classic mythology. Kratos can perform super-human leaps, agile dodges, and magically enhanced combo attacks, which all flow together in a stream of intense engagement. The fast-paced, over-the-top fighting, combined with the tense environments and computer-directed camera angles, give gameplay the feel of combat-adventures such as Devil May Cry or Otogi.

Unlike those earlier blends of survival-horror presentation and combat-minded control schemes, however, God of War is set in a world more immediately familiar to all fans of western fantasy. The ultimate goal of Kratos is a conclusive confrontation with Ares -- the god of war himself -- but the hero must face a deadly succession of monsters and villains from Greek mythology as he pursues this end. The Hydra, Medusa, the Cyclops, the Minotaur, and other legendary creatures will all have their chances to destroy Kratos before he meets his final destiny.

As God of War begins, players see Kratos high atop the tallest mountain in the land. They watch as he calmly steps forward off the cliff's edge, in a determined, desperate act of suicide. As the cursed hero begins his decent toward what seems an inevitable, gruesome death, a flashback fades into the story's beginning. Only by playing through Kratos' adventure will players learn what led the hero to take that step toward oblivion. By playing well, they may perhaps yet influence his final fate.
~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide
Review: Overall
God of War is a game that practically defies description. It is an action-adventure game, but it's also a cinematic experience. It is a fast-paced fighting game, but it's also a game full of puzzles and mystery. It is an epic adventure, yet it's really a simple tale of revenge. It is a game in which the hero, a pale, muscle-bound Spartan warrior named Kratos, remains likeable despite committing unspeakable acts of violence. Above all though, it is a game that is stunningly beautiful, horrifyingly brutal, and nearly perfect.

Set in mythological ancient Greece, the game begins with Kratos committing suicide by stepping off a cliff because the Gods have abandoned him. This would seem to make for a very short game, but a series of flashbacks begins to explain how Kratos became suicidal. The gameplay starts at sea three weeks prior to the suicide. Kratos begins dispatching mythological creatures like centaurs, gorgons, and harpies with giant machete-like blades permanently attached to his arms with metal chains. These "Blades of Chaos" make Kratos one bad dude, and as the bodies pile up he learns new methods of attack. He also gains more weapons through the intervention of Gods like Artemis and Zeus. The action is furious, extremely bloody, and nearly constant. The combat does cease occasionally though, and part of the brilliance of the game is the slow way in which the story unravels through a series of flashbacks. God of War begins with no set goal, but as it progresses gamers are prodded to continue in order to learn more about Kratos' past.

The gameplay in God of War is engrossing, which is almost a shame because gamers might miss the spectacular graphics. Fortunately the beautiful cinematic flashbacks allow players to relax and enjoy the intricate detail for at least a few minutes. Part of what makes the gameplay engrossing is the music, which fits nearly every scene and situation perfectly. The voice acting is terrific too, as every time Kratos speaks, his voice aches with loss, and the narrator's wispy voice instills an instant sense of mystery. The story is fantastic, and the storytelling is masterful. All of these things add up to make God of War one of the very best games ever made for the PS2.
~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide
Review: Enjoyment
Not only is God of War a joy to play, but it is also one of the rare games that is enjoyable to watch. It is certainly not a game for youngsters, but adults should be entranced from the moment Kratos steps off the cliff.
~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide
Review: Graphics
The graphics in God of War push the PS2 to its limit. The animation is fluid and crisp, the character detail is tremendous, and the game-level design is spectacular in both concept and conception.
~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide
Review: Sound
God of War features an incredible orchestral score that puts most movies to shame. The voice acting is solid all the way around, and the sound effects are bone-chilling and grotesquely perfect.
~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide
Review: Replay Value
{*God of War} loses some of its luster once the mysteries are cleared up. However, the sheer action and variable difficulty will bring many gamers back for more. In addition, there are quite a few unlockable features such as a mini-game and some documentaries.
~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide
Review: Documentation
The instruction booklet is average, but an in-game menu gives the exact button combinations of all the various killer moves.
~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide
Production Credits
Company 1: Sony Computer Entertainment America; Game Director/Lead Designer: David Jaffe; Producer: Shannin Studstill; Lead Programmer: Tim Moss; Art Director: Terry Smith, Steve Caterson; Coordinating Producer: Sandy Abe; Associate Producer: Whitney Wade, Yumi Yang; Project Coordinator: Rita Mines; Game Programmer: Matt Arrington, Magnus Danielsson, Thomas Miller IV, Bob Soper, Phil Wilkins; Lead Engine Programmer: Christer Ericson; Design - Level Design & Scripting: Ashley A. Morgan, Todd Papy, Jo Wright; Design - Combat Scenarios: David Jaffe, Todd Papy; Design - Combat System: Derek Daniels, Richard Foge, Eric Williams; Design - Camera: Tobin A. Russell; Design - Sound & Music Scripting: Jonathan Hawkins, Jason McDonald; Concept Artist: Cecil Hong-Sim Kim, Scott Seeto, Charlie Wen; Lead Environment Artist: Stig Asmussen, Ken Feldman, Gustavo Rasche; Environment Artist: Mark Ahlin, Mark Anderson, Paul Coda, Den Johnson; Lead Character Artist: Dave Matthews; Character Artist: Louis Lu, Erik San Juan; Lead Animator: Cory Barlog; Animator: Paul Lee, Giovanni Luis, Nick Vona, Mehdi Yssef; Lead Effects Artist: Maximilian Vaughn Ancar; Technical Artist: Mark Anderson, Richard Greenspan, Jason Minters, Alexander Stein; Lead Flash Interface/Hud Artist: Kenneth T. Roy; Production Assistant: Ariel Lawrence; Tester: Paul Edwards, Rob Hargraves; Marketing Material, Art Director: Charlie Wen; Additional Design: Charlie Huenergardt, Quinlan Richards, Scott Rogers; Additional Programming Support: Ben Diamand, Vassily Filippov; Additional Technical Art Support: James D. 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